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Nurture Blog | Nurture By Reena - The world's first pioneering lab-grown diamond designer jewelry line from award-winning designer, Reena Ahluwalia.

What are the brand values that Nurture By Reena strives to live by?

NurtureByReena Value

Destiny, by nature, is a predetermined notion. All we can do is follow its lead. But, if we nurture our dreams. If we nurture our connection to humanity, to the earth, to love. Then we no longer have to follow our destiny, we can create it. 

Let’s start with our logo…

The ‘Nurture By Reena’ logo is composed of two elements, a quatrefoil [pronounced: katərˌfoil] shape and a star motif at it’s heart. A quatrefoil is a symmetrical, warm nurturing form, with four equal sections that represent the core values of the Nurture By Reena brand. At the heart of the quatrefoil shape is a star symbol, suggestive of inner brilliance, excellence, creating your own destiny…a shining light within.

The logo helps communicate the essential set of four (a matrix of 4×4) values of Nurture By Reena.
Nurture Love | Nurture Dreams | Nurture Humanity | Nurture Earth
Origin-Guaranteed | 100% Conflict-Free | Sustainable | Responsible

We will be sharing more about these values as we continue the journey Nurture By Reena has started. We look forward to having you join us in this journey…