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Nurture Blog | Nurture By Reena - The world's first pioneering lab-grown diamond designer jewelry line from award-winning designer, Reena Ahluwalia.

What are the brand values that Nurture By Reena strives to live by?

NurtureByReena Value

Destiny, by nature, is a predetermined notion. All we can do is follow its lead. But, if we nurture our dreams. If we nurture our connection to humanity, to the earth, to love. Then we no longer have to follow our destiny, we can create it. 

Let’s start with our logo…

The ‘Nurture By Reena’ logo is composed of two elements, a quatrefoil [pronounced: katərˌfoil] shape and a star motif at it’s heart. A quatrefoil is a symmetrical, warm nurturing form, with four equal sections that represent the core values of the Nurture By Reena brand. At the heart of the quatrefoil shape is a star symbol, suggestive of inner brilliance, excellence, creating your own destiny…a shining light within.

The logo helps communicate the essential set of four (a matrix of 4×4) values of Nurture By Reena.
Nurture Love | Nurture Dreams | Nurture Humanity | Nurture Earth
Origin-Guaranteed | 100% Conflict-Free | Sustainable | Responsible

We will be sharing more about these values as we continue the journey Nurture By Reena has started. We look forward to having you join us in this journey…


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How do you take your diamond?

Now for the first time in human history, you have REAL choices to pick your diamond!

Both mined and grown diamonds are real diamonds, identical to each other physically, chemically and optically – they only differ in their point of origin.

Mined diamond are formed millions of years ago in molten rock within the Earth, they are ancient and have survived that long to reach you. Celebrating human ingenuity, grown diamonds take inspiration from mother-nature to grow the most precious of its creations and put us at the inception of those millions of years. These grown diamonds are real, just not mined.

To me, it’s a celebration of the times we live in, where humanity advances inspired by the natural phenomena occurring around us.

Why am I excited? The choice to use lab-grown diamonds is a personal and artistic one. As an artist it allows me to widen my artistic palette, fill them with colours that I couldn’t use as liberally before and it lets me communicate my values through my designs!

You have a choice to buy based on the merits that appeal to YOU without diminishing the value of any of these two real diamonds – mined or lab-grown diamonds. Choose what fits your values and preferences.

It’s your call. And that’s a great thing! 

Lab Grown Diamond Vs Mined Diamonds

Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. Both have identical physical, chemical and optical properties and both emerge as rough diamonds. Both mined and lab-grown diamonds have identical crystalline structure, reflective index, dispersion, hardness and density. Both are polished using the same equipment and techniques and have the same brilliance, sparkle, fire and scintillation. Like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are certified for authenticity and are accompanied by Diamond Grading Reports from leading and recognized independent certifying laboratories.